UX Paradigm - A Look At Visual And Interactive Mastery

User experience (UX) is not something new, if your work or interest is hinged towards design then you would definitely have heard of it. It is however always been somewhat ambiguous - does it include everything and encapsulates the design process ? Is it visual design (UI) ? How does one go about it when the information available is so confound. 

Digital Marketing - Content is King & Creativity is Queen

Content Marketing is not a new concept, it's being used since ages it was only until recently that it's was suitably documented and defined. From the cave painting in Egypt to the epic stunt videos by Redbull, it has always been there. It's quite simple if you think about it at the most basic level - You give people something that they might like and in return you receive goodwill, engagement and loyalty. If you want to take that up a notch then you might want to delve into cross-channel content marketing wherein you content doesn't rely just on white papers or videos or infographics but rather it's linked by a unified strategy.